• Certified Professional in Erosion and Sediment Control - In Training™ CPESC-IT®

  • To help support the growth of knowledge and professional development, ESCA Canada has established an “In-Training” status (-IT). The purpose of this status is to recognize professionals who have a strong foundation of knowledge and are working toward expanding their expertise through experience and continuing education. For those interested in obtaining a CPESC but not yet qualified in terms of the number of years of experience are encouraged to get certified as an IT. 

    CPESC-IT® certification represents many disciplines and specialties that work to produce site-specific plans and designs that comprehensively address current and potential erosion and sedimentation issues with practices and measures that are cost effective, understandable and that meet environmental and regulatory requirements. CPESC-IT registrants meet educational standards, subscribe to the code of ethics, pass Part 1 of a qualifying exam, maintain expertise through a continuing professional development program and when eligible write Part 2 of exam to become a fully certified CPESC.

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